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Exhibit Credits and Acknowledgments

Exhibit Team

Katherine Jones-Garmil, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Project Director
Cherrie Corey, Museum of Cultural and Natural History

Public Relations
Jane Anderson, Museum of Cultural and Natural History

Website Architect and Designer
Jesse Taggert

Administrative Support
Nicole Abrams, Museum of Cultural and Natural History

Project Consultant
Peter Nabokov

Graphic Design
Fumiko Toyosumi

Research Assistant
Juliette Rogers

CD-ROM prototype design and programming
Matina Halkia, Tufts University

Michael O'Grady, Sardis Expedition, Harvard University

Exhibit Advisors

Herman Agoyo (San Juan Pueblo)
Bruce Gomez (Taos Pueblo)
Manny Pino (Acoma Pueblo)
Tanya Sheka (Zuni Pueblo)
Margie Kamine

Photographic Credits and Acknowledgments

Al Barker
Boston Public Library
Prince Edward Island Sports Hall of Fame
Richard Lynch
Western History Collection, University of Oklahoma Library
Wings of America

Special Thanks

Al Barker
Boston Photo Imaging
Michael O'Grady
Richard Lynch
Mary Powell, Ancient City Press

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