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Exhibit Advisors

Advisors to this on-line exhibit include noted Native American runners from the Southwest. They are: Manny Pino (Acoma Pueblo) is the former Program Director for Wings of America in Santa Fe. He currently teaches sociology and is Director of the American Indian Program at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona. Herman Agoyo is the former Governor of San Juan Pueblo and organizer of the 1980 Pueblo Revolt Tricentennial Run and an accomplished runner. Bruce Gomez (Taos Pueblo) participated in the 1980 Tricentennial event and ran the entire course from Taos, NM to the Hopi Cultural Center in Arizona. He is a noted photographer. His interest in running continues to be strong. He is the organizer of the Taos Marathon. Tanya Sheka is an elementary school teacher in Zuni, NM. She has run the Boston Marathon and was the winner of the Route 66 Marathon in 1995.

Also pictured here are Kathy Jones, curator of this exhibit and Assistant Director for Information Services and Technology at the Peabody Museum, Harvard University and Margie Kamine, project advisor, Director of Wings of America in Santa Fe.

©1996 Katherine Jones-Garmil


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