Speech Given by the Katsina Father to the Katsinam
Before their Departure for the Spirit World

"In mid-summer, when the sun reaches its summer home, these katsinam, our friends, are to be put up and dance. From now on we people must not be mean to each other, so that we may have a good life and so that the people may have a good life with us."

"When you go home and get to your parents and sisters and the rest of your relatives who are waiting for you, tell them that they should not wait, but let them come at once and bring rain to our fields. We may have just a few crops in our fields, but when you bring the rain they will grow up and become strong. Then if you will bring some more rain on them we will have more corn, and more beans, and more watermelons, and all the rest of our crops. When harvest time comes we will have plenty of food for the whole winter. So now, this will be all. Now go back home happily, but do not forget us. Come to visit us as rain. This is all."


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