Koyaala; Hano Clown

Koyaala, also called Hano clown (Hano is a village on First Mesa), is a priest who takes care of the katsinam during the summer dances. His name refers to his two-horned headdress (koya´lashen). He is also called Tsuku, a Hopi word for clown. He was introduced to Hopi by immigrants from the Rio Grande Valley in the early eighteenth century. He appears only during the spring and summer dances and performs only in the afternoon. He arrives in villages by traveling from roof to roof, announcing his presence with loud yells, then descending ladders and falling comically to the ground. Because his eyes and teeth are showing, this particular doll represents Koyaala as a human clown, not a katsina. (61-1-10/39025)

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