Credits:  Gordon Willey Video Project

Director and Producer Project Sponsors Contributing Scholars
Script Review Narration Video Editing
Project Advisors

Director and Producer:

Katherine Jones, Harvard Peabody Museum

Project Sponsors:

Archaeological Society of Southern Florida

Central Gulf Coast Chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society

Crystal River Archaeological Site

Department of Anthropology, Florida State University

Florida Anthropological Society

Graves Museum of Archaeology and Natural History and Broward County Archaeological Society

Gulf Island National Seashore, National Park Service

Louis H. Hill, Jr. MD, Tallahassee, FL

Kissimmee Valley Archaeological & Historical Conservancy

Michael Davidson Memorial Fund, Florida State University

Pensacola Archaeological Society

Southeastern Archaeological Conference

Southern Anthropological Society

Southwest Florida Archaeological Society

St. Augustine Archaeological Association

TouchMedia, Cambridge, MA

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Contributing Scholars:
David Brose Robert Carr John Griffin
Katherine Burton Jones Darcie MacMahon Rochelle Marrinan
Jerald Milanich J. Anthony Paredes Mary D. Pohl
John F. Scarry Brent Weisman Nancy Marie White
Gordon R. Willey Robert Wilson Richard Woodbury

Script Review: Narration: Video Editor: Project Advisors:
Lee Ann Kalwat Katherine Jones Gregory Green Ben Davis
John Stubbs Gregory Green Judson Harward
Cynthia Wilkerson J. Anthony Paredes
Diane Zorich

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